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Client Portal

Clicking the link above will open up a new page where you can log into our secure portal where you can:

  • Download or upload private financial documents
  • Review your information that we have on file to help us ensure everything is up to date and accurate
  • Share your portal with family members, bookkeepers or business partners

CCH iFirm Portal provides a secure channel in which we can work with you online at every level, securely sharing documents.

CCH iFirm Portal allows you to upload large accounting data files and to electronically send us all of your accounting and bookkeeping data electronically on a daily or as need basis.

CCH iFirm Portal is a convenient, web-based application for reliable and secure file exchange and storage of confidential documents. Files can be effortlessly uploaded, downloaded and stored in a completely secure environment, with instant access from virtually anywhere. With CCH iFirm Portal, you gain two-way file exchange capabilities that make it easy for you to securely deliver and receive client documents, facilitating collaboration and supporting the upload of even the largest files.

If you have not been invited to the new portal, please contact There is a short video in the Portal invitation email that we encourage you to watch first which explains how to set-up your account. If you would like to watch it in advance, here is the link: Portal Overview (YouTube Link)